Intervalls 23km/h ❤ track&field is closer then ever the feeling is great. My knee is starting to feel stronger and more explosive . 8,5 mounts sence surgery ❤

I have been training for 22 years , i am a gymnast , track&field runner. 100/200m. I love the gym , running , weights it's a way of life my life it is WHO i am. I have lost alot it has been so hard some times but i always bring myself up again i have to mutch and i will never stop. I will do everything to be the best version of me.

I will keep live strong and i will be the best because i deserve that to myself need to learn to love you, trust you and just go for it!!!

heart Girl power in Cyprus together with Linn Strand.

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heart proud of myself... i will never rest!


I found this picture 8 years ago and i planted a dream a vision. My inspiration motivation & today when i tried my new bikini i realized that i am there. I am so happy and proud i will never give up and i am not done yeat. I will live strong and have heart this is my life i love it everyday ! No excuses !

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I will never give up and i will never rest. Everyday is a new chance to be a better version of you. Keep going, font give up and take som pain you will get back up and become stronger then before!

You just have to have heart and belive yourself to 300%




Summer alot of training, food, water, sun and alot of joy!

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❤️Missa inte kostföreläsningen på vloggen ❤️😊😍 https://t.co/UZ7HvIE2aD
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Träning med Niklas Wadman i vloggen 😃😋👌🏻https://t.co/c5jJ46DRqS
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Snart så ☀️🍹 https://t.co/wSvWfAeqih
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Intervaller https://t.co/EDLH0RXrez